The Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) recognizes that the importance of Non-Profit Organisations and Charities (NPOs) in providing benevolent services to the underprivileged, aiding in cases of natural disaster and the development of human capital within communities and around the world can never be understated.  These acts of benevolence often come with varying degrees of logistical and personal difficulty as NPOs seek to provide assistance to those in need, nevertheless, the dedication and ability of NPOs to surmount these challenges must be recognized and applauded. 

The international community more so the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has recognized the vulnerability and abuse of NPOs by terrorists and terrorist organisations for the purpose of financing terrorism.  Antigua & Barbuda as a member of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) is required to ensure that this vulnerability is recognized and mitigated.  International case studied have identified that NPOs have been misused and exploited by terrorists through a variety of means to further their terrorist activities.  In fact, terrorist actors will often employ deception to mask their activities, particularly in conflict regions and in the movement of funds to finance and facilitate terrorist acts.  These well-planned deceptions by terrorists abusing the NPO sector are difficult to identify and consequently governmental / state-based oversight has been recommenced as a necessary element towards detecting the calculated and sophisticated terrorist threats to the NPO sector.

It is therefore important that as a country we adapt and implement sound managerial best practices within the NPO sector to protect the integrity of the sector in part and the national economy as a whole.