About the Antigua and Barbuda Intellectual Property and Commerce Office

What We Do

ABIPCO is the National Company and Intellectual Property Registry of Antigua and Barbuda. 

As a Department of the Ministry of Justice, Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour, ABIPCO was established under the Intellectual Property Office Act of 2003. 

The Office encompasses two distinct but interrelated sections, namely; the Intellectual Property section and the Commerce section. 

The Intellectual Property section aims to administer legislation, in addition to registering and keeping records of intellectual property, such as Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, and Integrated circuits. 

The Commerce section of ABIPCO has statutory responsibility for the registration, incorporation and record keeping of various types of Companies, Business names and Friendly societies. 

Statutory registers are kept for the benefit of the public at large, and the Registrar is responsible under the law for maintaining the registers and ensuring that the particulars filed are kept current and are in a reliable state for inspection by the public. 

Attorneys-at-Law, Corporate Secretaries and members of the public may visit the Office to conduct searches in relation to the above-mentioned types of businesses and companies registered. The register of company charges and may also be searched by creditors and other interested members of the public to determine the outstanding indebtedness of particular companies as well as individuals.

Our Vision

Unleashing the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial potential of Antiguans and Barbudans through intellectual property rights and commerce.

Tequan Joel Tavernier – 1st Place Prize Winner (Secondary School) of World IP Day Art Competition 2018.

Our Mission

To continually facilitate ease of doing business in Antigua and Barbuda by:

  • Providing easy to use, efficient registration systems that will put the customer first whilst ensuring a better, more sustainable future for all.
  • Providing customers with excellent, reliable, and timely service.
  • Ensuring that the legislative frameworks that govern the businesses are efficient, responsive, user and investor-friendly.