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World Intellectual Property Day

On April 26, every year we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day in order to promote discussion of the role of Intellectual Properly in encouraging innovation and creativity. The aim of this day is to increase the general understanding of Intellectual Property.

Theme for this year is “Intellectual Property and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs): Taking your Ideas to Market.”

In recognition of this, we will be hosting our annual competition for primary and secondary school students with corporate Sponsorship from ACT and ACB Caribbean. Two businesses will also have the opportunity to register their trademark with our corporate Sponsor, ACB Caribbean.

In addition, a live presentation by UNOPS will be hosted on Monday 26th April 2021 at 6pm AST for local start-up enterprises and a video series entitled “Conversations on Intellectual Property” will be released. “Conversations on Intellectual Property” will highlight the significance of intellectual property in eight (8) Antiguan and Barbudan businesses.

World IP Day 2021

World IP Day 2019


Winners 2019
1st Place Primary
2nd Place Primary

3rd Place Primary
1st Place Secondary
2nd Place Secondary

3rd Place Secondary
Special Prize

World IP Day 2018


Winners 2018
1st Place Winner (Primary)
2nd Place Winner (Primary)

3rd Place Winner (Primary)
3rd Place Winner Artwork (Primary)
1st Place Winner (Secondary)

2nd Place Winner (Secondary)
3rd Place Winner (Secondary)
1st Place Winner Artwork (Secondary)

3rd Place Winner Artwork (Secondary)

Open Day & Street Fair 2018

Written Works
Chloe Martin
Beauty Products
Oriscia Designs

Oriscia Designs
Edison Liburd
Art Work
Gifts and Souvenirs

Women’s Symposium
Speakers of the 2018 Women’s Symposium
Ms. Damara Phillip
Ms. Kimolisa Mings
Ms. Zahra Airall

Ms. Carissa Warner
Ms. Linisa George
Ms. Rosemary McMaster

World IP Day 2017 winners, entries and Prize Giving

1st Place Shanique Davis
2nd Place Keira Faracho
3rd Place Emily James

1st Place Anthony Faracho
2nd Place Thayne Charles
3rd Place Latifah Joseph

Open Day

Sister Glo
YAO Yogurt
Ms. Joanne Hillhouse